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In what positions can you use my Littlebeam l Nursing Pillow ?

The Littlebeam l Nursing Pillow is a comfortable, supportive pillow to help you position yourself and your baby in a cross-cradle and football hold during breastfeeding. Place the baby firmly at nipple height, making it easy for the baby to latch on.

What are the benefits of using my Littlebeam l Nursing Pillow ?

The littlebeam l Nursing Pillow is portable and can be used with lactation-expert-recommended positions like cross-cradle and football. Designed to be ergonomically correct for both mother and baby, you'll be on your way to breastfeeding success.

The unique body-hugging design doesn't need straps or velcro to stay in place, and has a machine-washable slip cover. Deluxe fabrics are made with 100% cotton (colors and styles may vary) for mother and baby's comfort.

Baby benefits : comfortable fabric, baby is positioned against mom safely and securely – won’t roll - for optimal breastfeeding. Can reduce acid reflux for babies. A full baby is a happy baby.

Mom benefits : prevents sore nipples and decreased milk supply with proper positioning. Comfortable in a sitting and lying position giving you more quality time with your baby.

What are the ways to use my Littlebeam l Nursing Pillow ?

Your littlebeam l Nursing Pillow can be used for nursing, propping, and tummy time. It can also be used for mommies as a lower back support in a seated position, as a head rest, or in between your knees for neck and back support while lying down.

Is My littlebeam l Nursing Pillow safe for baby to sleep on ?

Recommended use for the Littlebeam l Nursing Pillow with babies is for nursing, propping, tummy time and sitting. Do not use the littlebeam™ Nursing Pillow for sleeping. unsuitable to use the Littlebeam l Nursing Pillow for sleeping.

May I feed twins using the Littlebeam l Nursing Pillows ?

Yes ! Mothers can use the Littlebeam l Nursing Pillows to nurse their twins.

How do I clean my Littlebeam l Nursing Pillow ?

Remove your Littlebeam l Nursing Pillow Cover, zip up to protect zipper. Wash in warm water on the gentle cycle, then tumble dry low. Spot clean foam, stuffing, and other pillow materials with mild soap and a damp cloth. Air dry in a well-ventilated area making sure the pillow is completely dry before putting the outer cover back on.

Is my Littlebeam l Nursing Pillow flame retardant ?

All fabric, foam, stuffing and filling in the Littlebeam l Nursing Pillows are exempt from California Bureau of Home Furnishings flammability standards and have never contained harmful flame retardant chemicals.

How much is shipping ?

Shipping is dependent upon the total product cost of your order. All orders are shipped via UPS Ground or USPS where applicable in US Market.

What kinds of payment does Littlebeam™ accept?

We accept Pay Pal and major credit cards.

How do I change or cancel my order on ?

Once orders are placed on, you must email to request cancellation or to edit your order. This is done on a case by case basis and only if your order has not begun processing.

How do I contact Littlebeam™ if I have questions ?

For any request, please contact us by mail at Or by our page Contact us

What should I do if I have not received my order?

You will receive tracking information when the order ships. Use this tracking # to track your shipment.

What is your return and exchange policy?

Products eligible for return are accepted up to 30 days from the date of purchase on We do not accept returns from purchases made at other retail or online stores. Please return these to the original seller if not bought directly from Littlebeam™ will accept returns on defective items. Shipping charges are non-refundable. Littlebeam™ is not responsible for lost returns.

What is the Littlebeam™ Guarantee?

If a defect is discovered upon receipt of your littlebeam™ product, we will repair or replace your product at our discretion. For returns on defective products please send us an image of the defective product with proof of purchase

If your product is found defective, we will replace it with the same or a similar item at no additional cost to you. Please first check with the retailer where you purchased the product regarding their return and exchange policy as this may be the easiest way to exchange your product. In some cases, we may need the product shipped back to us for review by our Compliance Department; please do not discard the product before hearing back from us.

Littlebeam™ does not replace items resulting from misuse, failure to follow the instructions on installation, maintenance and use, abuse, alteration and normal wear and tear.