Our Story

Meet Dr. Kathleen McCue

Thirty years ago, when I had my first baby, I gained a ridiculous amount of weight, 78 pounds to be exact! I was hoping my son would weigh at least 73, but, no luck. At that time, many of the pillows that were on the market literally did not fit around my post-pregnancy body and I resorted to shaping pillows around one side of my body or the other. Only 18 months later, I had my daughter, and that created an even greater struggle with pillows fitting. Even if a pillow had fit, I would have felt trapped, as both the babies and I needed to move and adjust during feedings. I also liked to go places, and I needed a pillow I could easily take "on the road" with two children under two years old. I played with some foam and stuffing from another pillow and shaped it to fit my needs. As my daughter approached college, she made a better model, sewed a cover to fit, and we named it “littlebeam.” Little but sturdy! How could I not bring it to market?

Birth of the littlebeam™

As a family nurse practitioner and IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), I spend every day working with breastfeeding women. Almost all of these new and seasoned mothers have one thing in common, and that is the need for comfort while sitting with their babies for long periods of time. I watch them drag large, bulky pillows around that don’t even fit into the chair in my office; all of this to simply ease their postpartum bodies into a comfortable position. 
I always keep a few littlebeam pillows in my lactation centers to help moms get closer to their babies while we work on latch and positioning. Over the years, and to this day, the mothers I assist continue to ask me if I will sell them my office pillows. They love the way littlebeam is both small enough to fit into their diaper bags, but big enough to use in all nursing positions comfortably. I like the way I can easily work with these mothers unrestricted, rather than trying to navigate around the type of pillow that could double as a serving platter! Now these pillows are available to everyone. 

USLCA Lactation Consultant Association

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