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Dr Kathleen McCue - Littlebeam
In 2015, Dr Kathleen McCue was a family nurse practitioner, IBCLC, author, and owner of Metropolitan Breastfeeding, LLC. She had a vision to revolutionize the world of breastfeeding and provide new mothers with the ultimate feeding support. The LittleBeam Nursing Pillow was born!
Our mission is to bring mothers and babies closer together while nurturing the breastfeeding process. LittleBeam Nursing Pillow was created and inspired by a mom, for moms and babies.
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Dr. McCue, an experienced pediatrician, combined her medical lactation expertise to design a pillow that would address the specific needs of nursing mothers. The LittleBeam Nursing Pillow was thoughtfully crafted to provide optimal support for both mother and baby during breastfeeding sessions. Its unique memory shape, made of soft, hypoallergenic materials, offered exceptional comfort while promoting proper positioning and latch. 
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Today, the LittleBeam Nursing Pillow is a symbol of comfort, support, and empowerment for breastfeeding mothers everywhere. It has created a lasting legacy in the lactation community. The LittleBeam Nursing Pillow continues to play an essential role in helping mothers establish a strong and fulfilling breastfeeding experience with their babies. 


Guillaume Le Courtois CEO Littlebeam Nursing Pillow
Guillaume Le-Courtois, an art expert, international business consultant and avid traveler who wholeheartedly believed in her mission regarding breastfeeding mothers. Recognizing the demands of management of LittleBeam Nursing Pillow and the lactation cabinet, he stepped up and was appointed as the new CEO. 


Metropolitan Breastfeeding & Littlebeam - Partnership

Kathleen and Guillaume's partnership created a harmonious synergy between LittleBeam Nursing Pillow and Metropolitan Breastfeeding, lactation cabinet.

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