Top 5 Easy Outings with Baby - Our List of the Best Places to Take Babies

Top 5 Easy Outings with Baby - Our List of the Best Places to Take Babies

It can be incredibly easy to lose touch with the outside world after your baby is born; It’s challenging trying to get the hang of the whole parenting thing and the last thing on your mind is going out. That is, until you want to get out into the world and it’s the only thing on your mind. Sunlight, fresh air, the chance to see something other than dirty laundry and baby bottles - doesn’t it all look so magnificent from the inside of your house? “Of course, I want to go out!” you’re probably thinking, “but the thought of it gives me anxiety!” We get it! The outside world can look intimidating when you have a fragile baby by your side, but you shouldn’t have to waste this chance to have some summer fun with your infant. You want to find the absolute best places to take babies so that you and your little one can have some bonding time outside of the house without exhausting yourself. Our team at littlebeam has been busy compiling a list of our top 5 easy outings you can take with your baby (and your littlebeam Nursing Pillow)! Whether you’re looking for summer fun for infants in the sun or baby friendly indoor activities, we’ve got you covered:

Visiting family and friends - A family member or close friend’s house is the perfect place for going out the first time after birth for one main reason - comfort! Being around trusted people can remove any feeling of judgment and you are more likely to ask for help. If you have older children, plan a game or movie night at the family or friend’s house!

Visiting your old office - If your office is child-friendly, bring your baby while on maternity leave. You’ll enjoy catching up with coworkers while being out of the house and you won’t feel obligated to stay too long. It a great excuse to get out of the house for a little bit (and your coworkers might appreciate the excuse to break from work!).

Having a picnic - One of the best places to take babies is to a non-crowded, local park for a picnic. Some pediatricians say the best activities for babies include outdoor time, so why not add on a peaceful park and some yummy food and call it a party! Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Taking a neighborhood stroll - Maybe you don’t want to go too far from home-base, and we totally understand! You can go out for a little 15 to 30-minute stroll around the neighborhood and still feel the benefits of that summer sun on your skin.

Joining a Mommy & Me/Play groups - There are probably organized groups of parents in your same position in your area. Conduct a quick Google search and you're sure to find an overwhelming amount of results, but spend a day or two digging a little deeper, and you're sure to find a couple of groups to try and head out with your little one on an adventure! These groups can meet indoors, in places like rec or daycare centers, or outside, like parks, so it’s the perfect option to find different kinds of activities for babies and meet some new friends at the same time!

Hopefully we’ve helped you get the ball rolling for some outing ideas! Go out and have some fun with your infant before the season’s over and don’t forget to take pictures! What do you think the best places to take babies are? Tag us in some of your adorable photos featuring you, baby, and littlebeam Nursing Pillows on your adventures on Facebook and Instagram and let us know!

Easy outings with a newborn

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