The 2018 Guide to Breast Pumping

The 2018 Guide to Breast Pumping

2019 is right around the corner, and moms today are known to be always on-the-go, which is where breast pumping can really come into play!  Whether you're getting ready to work a full day, preparing for a necessary night out, or just trying to make a travel day a little easier, pumping can provide a little extra freedom for moms on the move. But, where do you start? Don't worry - here at littlebeam nursing pillows, we've rounded up the top tips for Breast Pumping to save you a little time on research, and make your pumping sessions a success!


Tip #1: Be Prepared!

Many insurance plans will provide a breast pump either for free, or for a small co-pay. Check into your plan to see what they provide, and make sure to get your pump and all necessary accessories before baby comes - one less thing to do with a little one on your hip! There are a lot of different pump options out there, be sure to do a little research, and get the best one for what you are looking for!

Always make sure to have extra parts and accessories on hand - the last thing you want is to break or lose something, only to find that you can't pump for a day or two when you're able to replace it!

Tip #2: Stick to Your Schedule!

Stress can do crazy things to our bodies, and that includes affecting milk production! If you're able to, create a routine with set pumping times and give yourself a chance to zone out and focus on the baby instead of work/life stresses - this can lead to a more relaxed and productive breast pumping session. Score!

That being said - stick to what feels right. If you're with baby for a whole weekend and don't see a need to pump - stick with the breastfeeding!



Tip #3: Smart Storage

According to one of our favorite sites, safe storage can make all the difference for breastmilk! Many websites (and breast pumping moms) recommend storing milk in smaller amounts - like 1-2 oz. - so that you don't end up wasting any if baby doesn't drink a full serving, and adding an extra layer of freezer safe ziploc bags to protect against freezer burn for extra measure certainly can't hurt. 

One suggestion we also loved was having your baby test frozen breast milk to make sure they like it before going through the process of pumping only to find out baby won't take to the frozen milk. 


These are our top three tips for successful breast pumping - do you have others that were game changing? Share with us on our Facebook page!

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