Sleep baby Sleep!

Sleep baby Sleep!

You get home from the hospital, newborn in your arms, and one of the first thoughts to cross your mind when thinking about what comes next is probably something related to sleep - how much sleep should my baby get? How much sleep will I get? And the one you're especially curious about - will my partner and I ever sleep again? 

This week on the blog, we wanted to dive a little deeper into the topic of sleep schedules, answering some common questions that come up surrounding this topic for newborns and young babies, as well as providing our favorite resources for newborn and infant sleep safety. That being said, it is important to remember that the information here is not meant to replace the advice of a certified medical professional - always consult your physician if you have questions or concerns regarding your health or your child's health. 

Will my partner and I ever sleep again?!

The good new is, YES! You will sleep again. We came across an article on that goes in-depth on the topic of sleep deprivation in parents, and lists some great tips for making up the lost sleep. From strategies to help you get to sleep quickly, to where to squeeze in some extra Z's, this is a great resource to quickly help you understand the sleep cycle and how to make the most of it. 


How much sleep does my baby need to get?

It is important to remember here that all babies are different, and while there are ranges for how much sleep a child should get at various ages of development, remember that some may need more or less than the average. The answer for newborns? They need a lot of sleep. We're talking up to 18 hours in a 24 hour period. Of course, as baby gets older they'll be able to go longer between naps and need less and less sleep over all. Consult your physician if you think baby is getting too much or too little sleep, and to help determine what your baby's sleep schedule should look like. 

What are the necessities for baby sleeps safety?

One of our favorite resources for questions regarding baby sleeping safety is the American Association of Pediatrics website. Here, they give updates on infant sleeping recommendations, how to reduce the risk of SIDS and other infant sleeping related deaths, and link to additional resources. 


Do you have other resources that you rely for info about infant sleep patterns and infant sleep safety? Are there products that help make mom more comfortable when catching up on sleep (like the littlebeam nursing pillow that can also double as neck support?!)? Let us know on our Facebook page!



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