Position, position, position!

Position, position, position!

If there’s one thing we know about here at littlebeam, it is breastfeeding, and we know that just because breastfeeding is a natural thing doesn’t mean that it comes naturally to everyone. As with anything new, it takes time, practice, and support to learn how it is done. Our founder, Dr. Kathleen McCue knows this firsthand from years of experience working with new parents as a lactation consultant, and has developed littlebeam to help make this process a little bit easier, more colorful, and more comfortable! This week on the blog, we thought it might be time to highlight some of the more popular nursing positions, and how parents can utilize littlebeam to make these positions successful for parent and baby. As always, these are just some useful tips - if you have any further questions please consult your physician or an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant!


One of the most popular nursing positions, the cross-cradle hold is great for small babies and infants that have trouble latching. To get into this position, bring baby across your body, supporting his or her head with the opposite arm. For example, if baby is nursing from your left breast, support their weight with your right arm. Using the littlebeam underneath baby can be helpful in supporting both their weight and your breast to make latching even easier. littlebeam is designed to be portable and versatile, giving you a number of options in helping with nursing your little one!


Often one of the positions new parents learn, the football hold is exactly as it sounds. Baby is tucked under your arm, like a football, and latches onto the breast on the same side. littlebeam is a perfect fit for this position as you can tuck it under your arm and lay baby on top to give support where needed. This position is great for those that have had a cesarean and want to avoid laying baby across their stomach.

Laid Back

One of the more comfortable positions for both mom and baby, the laid back position allows you to recline and relax! This position can be done in bed, on the couch, or in a chair that has a reclining aspect - simply lie back at about a 45 degree angle, with baby lying face down to latch, arms hugging your breast on either side. In this position, littlebeam can be helpful in placing behind the back or neck to support while feeding.

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