Best Resources for New Parents

Best Resources for New Parents


Are you an expecting or new parent trying to navigate through the millions of resources claiming to be the ‘best resource for new parents’ out there? It can be difficult to figure out which resource has relevant and credible information on parenting, especially for new parents that have little experience raising a newborn. Here at littlebeam Nursing Pillows, we wanted to share some of the resources that we believe can help all new parents pilot through raising their first child. This blogpost will focus mainly on general online resources, but you should check out our posts on Top Parenting Podcasts, Top Breastfeeding Resources, and Top Parenting Blogs to cover all bases!

When searching for a great resource for new parents, we look at how easy it is to navigate and digest the information. It’s important that when a parent has a crying newborn in one hand, that they can find the answers to their specific questions or concerns with the other. Because of this, Team littlebeam Nursing Pillows has narrowed our recommendations down to six trusted sources.

Kids Health

When you have just given birth, or are expecting to go into labor soon, we’d recommend checking out the ‘Guide for First-Time Parents.’ This guide highlights the basics from handling a newborn, to hygiene, to sleeping. The information from this guide is a great resource for first time parents because it summarizes what most parents are told by their medical team right after giving birth to their first child (and who can remember all of that right after working so hard to bring a life into the world?!). The site also has information for parents ranging from general health to social developments, and it is easy to search for their information with simple keywords.

The Bump

If you are looking for a place that has monthly newborn guides and unique content for new parents. This resource is fun to stroll through and has a lot of general and niche topics, as well as a news section geared towards parenting. There is also a community of other parents that ask questions and share their concerns with one another. If you want something that is a bit of fun and interactive, we’d recommend The Bump a hundred times over!

Baby Center

The Baby Center ‘Baby’ tab is set up in a very linear way, where it is organized by topic and has relevant resource links within those topics. It is easy to scroll and find your specific topic and is probably the best resource for expecting parents with downtime or new parents with extra time to dive into different parenting and newborn areas. For example, the first main topic of this source is ‘Your Newborn Baby’ and the first relevant link is ‘Newborns: The Early Weeks.’ If you were to click on that link, you’d be taken to a page with 17 relevant articles, 22 videos and slideshows, 10 expert answers, 15 opinions, and a quiz. That’s a lot of different ways to learn and understand the early weeks of a newborn! If you have a little time on your hands and are interested in knowing more about these different parenting topics, we’d recommend going on the Baby Center.

Metropolitan Doulas

If we ever come across new parents that just had their first child, we normally recommend trying out a daytime and/or overnight doula from Metropolitan Doulas. But did you know that they also have in-depth blogposts about parenting? Metropolitan Doulas blogposts include topics like parenthood with a disability, car seat safety from an expert, baby-wearing and its benefits, and so much more! Check them out, and maybe look into receiving assistance from one of their amazing doulas.

Metropolitan Breastfeeding

Metropolitan Breastfeeding is a breastfeeding practice in the DC-Maryland area. But, similarly to Metropolitan Doulas, Metropolitan Breastfeeding also has a blog that has a plethora of information about parenting, pregnancy, breastfeeding and pumping. These blogposts are normally created to summarize facts and advice from other trusted sources, like Also, their Facebook and Pinterest page are similar to The littlebeam Nursing Pillow, whereas there are infographics and easy-to-read facts available to new parents.

The littlebeam Nursing Pillow

It came back around full circle! You probably already know that our blog is an excellent source for new parents of their first child, but we had to include ourselves in the list anyway! We try to cover topics in fun and unique ways, like our posts on breastfeeding supplement FAQ and going out with a newborn.


Did you use any of these resources after having your first child? Or, do you plan on using them in the future? Let us know! We love hearing from others on how they survived the first few months as a new parent. If you have other resources that you think should get the spotlight, tell us on our Facebook!

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