Baby's First Halloween!

Baby's First Halloween!

It’s the time of pumpkins, spooky stories, and Hocus Pocus! Halloween is a holiday that has kids written all over it - candy, costumes, imagination and an overall fun night that happens only once a year. If it’s your baby’s first Halloween, you probably want to make it a special memory for yourself and the family. Honestly, your baby won’t remember their first few Halloweens, but that doesn’t mean the family won’t! We at littlebeam want to help give you some Halloween ideas for those picture-perfect moments you can show off to your children and their friends when they are teenagers (I mean, that’s what cute baby pictures are for, right?)!


One of our favorite parts of Halloween are the adorable and creative costumes that the kids wear! We think picking out a cute costume it a great first step for any first Halloween celebration. Some quick things to remember: babies can be messy, so don’t buy or make a costume that you wouldn’t want to see get dirty. We all know how hard some baby-made stains can be to get out of clothing!

With that is mind, here are some great baby costume ideas that we just love:

  • The Great (and Precious!) Pumpkin
  • A Cute Critter - like a bunny or lady bug
  • A Colorful Character - I mean, a cute little Pikachu or miniature superhero? Yes, please!
  • A Comical Costume - Have you all seen the football and banana baby costumes? If not, look it up - we promise it’s worth a laugh!

Trick or Treating & Trunk or Treating

Many families of newborns opt out of the typical candy collecting parts of Halloween, because their baby can’t eat the candy and won’t grasp what’s going on when you carry them door-to-door. Well, we say if you want to go trick-or-treating then go for it! You can show off your cute bundle of sunshine and stock up on a few pieces of candy for yourself (you deserve a treat!). It’s also a great excuse to flick a couple of memorable shots for the future! We recommend going a little early, but that’s more so that the parents don’t get too overwhelmed as the sugar-rushed kids come out.

Alternative Halloween Activities

If you decide not to go out to trick-or-treat, or you still wanted more to do after you were done, here are some other fun activities you and your family can do:

  • Throw a Halloween celebration - large or small, having a party with people you are closest to is the best way to celebrate any holiday
  • Movie time - throw on a great Halloween movie, sit back and enjoy
  • Pass out candy - a cute baby and some candy will bring happy kids right to your door!
  • Visit family - Sometimes, the best thing is the simplest thing. Go over to a family or friend’s house to give them the treat of seeing your sweet baby!


Make It Easy On Yourself

Trick-or-treating, attending a Halloween party, or even going to your families house is supposed to be a fun and stress-free thing on any day, especially when you throw a fun holiday in there! To get yourself through the evening, make sure you have the right gear and you won't have to run home for anything halfway through!

  • Stroller or baby carrier - Do yourself a favor, and don't try to carry your child all night without the assistance of a carrier, or the backup of a stroller, trust us! Nobody wants tired arms when they are trying to grab candy with the kiddos
  • Sustenance/Breastfeeding-friendly costume - babies get hungry... a lot. Make sure you're prepared either with a bottle on hand, or a costume that allows you to easily feed your child. 
  • Support - if you're still new to breastfeeding, going out can be a little nerve-wracking, but grab your littlebeam nursing pillow (it'll fit right in the diaper bag or stroller) and you know you'll be able to post up anywhere and feed your little one!


There you have it, the makings for a memorable night! Have a safe and happy halloween with your little pumpkin (monster, super hero, bunny, etc!)!

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