What's the point of a pillow?


Did you know how littlebeam got started? Dr. McCue saw so many parents coming into the office with large, bulky pillows and unable to get comfortable. These parents were looking for a solution that they could take “on the go” and would fit into their diaper bags along with the other baby essentials. We know that nursing pillows are essential to success for many families, so littlebeam was born!

Nursing pillows are helpful for many reasons. Many common concerns in early breastfeeding relate to positioning and latching, and a nursing pillow can alleviate these discomforts. Proper positioning for the parent eliminates back pain and stiffness, and having the baby in the right position will also reduce issues such as sore nipples.

Many infants in the early days also need to have support to counteract their startle reflex. A firm pillow can increase their comfort and help them to relax into a successful nursing session. Babies that are tense or uncomfortable will not be able to sustain a good latch, which can lead to frustration on both sides. Also, keeping the baby at a good angle during and after feeding may reduce the incidence of reflux.

Some families also find in the early days that it can feel overwhelming to need larger pillows to achieve this positioning. Trips out of the house become a lot more stressful when you add in a bulky pillow to haul around. Having a firm, compact pillow makes nursing in any position, in any location more achievable. We like to say: you take care of baby, and we’ll take care of you.

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