Meet the team: Dr. Kathleen McCue

The team behind littlebeam is just like the pillow - small, but sturdy! It's been quite some time since we’ve done a “Meet the Team” feature, so here is the next littlebeam introduction. As you may already know, littlebeam is a woman-owned and woman-run business, so it is only fitting that the creator of this portable and functional nursing pillow is a woman!

Without further ado, let us introduce you to Dr. Kathleen McCue! The creator and owner of littlebeam, Kathy is a family nurse practitioner and IBCLC. After struggling after her own pregnancies to find a breastfeeding pillow that worked with her postpartum body instead of against it, she decided to pick up some foam and batting and create it herself, and littlebeam was born.

Today, Kathy is actively involved in promoting littlebeam, and educating families about the benefits of this portable nursing pillow, (if you're in NY next month come say hello at the NY Baby Show! Booth 503!) as well as owning and running her lactation practice, Metropolitan Breastfeeding, where she works with breastfeeding families on a daily basis.

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