Is it a boy or a girl?! Unique Gender Reveal Ideas!

Is it a boy or a girl?! Unique Gender Reveal Ideas!

At around 20 weeks pregnant (give or take), your doctor will ask if you’d like to find out the gender of your little bundle of joy. Some may really want to know right away, while others may want to wait until the delivery to find out. But, you’re probably here reading this because you want to have a gender reveal party/celebration and want to get some ideas on where to start!

To shortly explain, a gender reveal is when expecting parents plan to find out the baby’s gender through creative reveals (usually revolving around the colors pink or blue). Normally, parents will decide to do this either before or during their baby shower. If you’re thinking of planning a gender reveal, the littlebeam Nursing Pillows team thought we'd share some amazing and unique gender reveal ideas that we’ve come across online!

  • Lipstick - A creative couple had an amazing idea to reveal the gender through the powers of makeup. You should watch the whole thing here, but to summarize, a couple decided to have a gender reveal through lipstick and kisses! The expectant parents had faces covered in blue, and they jumped for joy at the thought of soon welcoming a son!
  • Ferris Wheel - Okay, this one is pretty special! These expectant parents had help learning their baby’s gender through the Ferris Wheel at the Maryland National Harbor. People all gathered around to share the moment when pink lights graced the ride, revealing they were having a girl.
  • Food! - Who doesn’t like food and surprises?! When it comes to tasty treats, there really isn’t anything you can’t do. If you’re going with using food, we recommend having a cake, cupcakes, or puff pastries with a blue or pink center. Yummy!
  • Sports - Ever since gender reveals became a popular pregnancy experience to share, the market for gender reveal sport balls has rocketed. You can find balls specifically created for gender reveals, like baseballs, footballs, basketballs and even hockey pucks!
  • Science Experiments - Looking for something really different? Check out this family’s gender reveal! They made their own vinegar and baking soda volcano with food coloring to reveal that they will be having a baby boy. How exciting and smart!

Did you have or go to a unique gender reveal party? What did you guys use? Let us know below through comments! And check out our blogpost on nursery must-haves to put on your baby registry. 



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