How New Parents Can Celebrate Valentines Day

How New Parents Can Celebrate Valentines Day

Now that you've got a newborn, everything seems a little more complicated and takes more time and planning. For new parents, Valentines Day is no exception! While you may think that the days of romance are put on hold because you have a newborn or young baby to focus on, this does not have to be the case! With Valentines Day just around the corner, we wanted to give you new parents some ways to put a little romance back in your lives for the day, without breaking a sweat (or breaking the bank)! The key here is creativity - sure, a dozen roses, a box of chocolates, and a romantic dinner out on the town is great, but that doesn't have to be YOUR perfect Valentines Day. As new parents celebrating Valentines Day, it is time to get creative with the time you have, and focus on the small stuff that truly makes a difference for your partner! 


1. Give the Gift of Time:

Hire a babysitter for a couple hours, volunteer to watch the kiddo, or enlist the help of grandma and grandpa to get your partner some extra time to enjoy however they please! The key here is giving them EXTRA time, outside of the hours that you typically get a sitter, etc. Giving your partner the chance to do something that they normally can't will go a long way - trust us! 


2. Turn Your Home into a Sanctuary:

When you're used to diapers, bottles, and toys taking up every inch of free space, cleaning up and lighting some candles makes a huge difference. Take it to the next level and draw a hot bath, or put your partners favorite dinner in the oven to get the house smelling wonderful when they get home from a long day! 


3. Who Says Date Night Means Going Out?

Treat yourselves to a romantic date night at home - save money on a sitter, and enjoy the peace of mind that you are still home with your little one while enjoying yourselves at the same time. With a little planning, an evening at home can be just as romantic as a night out. Get a tasty dinner (whether that means cooking or take-out is up to you), rent a movie that neither of you have seen, and cozy up with some wine and popcorn after baby has gone to bed - BOOM, date night right in your own living room!


How are you celebrating your Valentines Day as new parents? Or maybe you're a seasoned parent and have some advice of your own for our readers! Let us know by commenting here, or on our Facebook page! 



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