Gift Guide for New Parents!

With three days left until Christmas, there is still time to do some last minute shopping to make sure everyone on your list gets something special! Shopping for new parents can be tough - didn't they get everything they need at the baby shower? Chances are they got a lot of what they need, but there are always a few items that may not have made the registry because they didn't even know they needed them! Christmas is the perfect time to get new parents covered with the things they forgot to put on their registries, AND to get them the 'wants' not the 'needs' - have a little fun! Need some ideas? Keep reading for our top 7 picks that won't break the bank! 

The Gift of Relaxation:

1. Baby Shusher - Miracle Sleep Soother
This gives new parents the ability to take breaks from the constant shushing required to sooth fussy babies. Using a real human recording of someone soothing a baby, give your vocal cords a rest for periods of up to 30 minutes! 

2. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray
This aromatic superblend of calming scents like lavender and chamomile will have you feeling relaxed and falling into a deep sleep in no time - something that new parents desperately need. Makes a great stocking stuffer and is available on Amazon - get it by Monday with expedited shipping!

3. CBD Products
CBD (cannabidiol) products are gaining more and more popularity because of the benefits of of the cannabis plant without the psychoactive effects. Popular uses include chronic pain, anxiety, and trouble sleeping - seems like the perfect product for new parents carrying around a little one constantly and getting very little sleep! *As always, consult your physician prior to use*

For the Parents On-The-Go:

1. littlebeam Nursing Pillow
For parents consistently on-the-go, this is THE nursing pillow (if we do say so ourselves)! Small enough to fit in your diaper bag, but as supportive and comfortable as a larger pillow, you won't need anything else. 

2. Portable Changing Station
A portable changing station can make all the difference when traveling - simply slip it into whatever bag you are carrying, and you've got yourself a diaper bag! Say goodbye to lugging around a true diaper bag - with this portable kit, you've got diapers, wipes, and a washable changing pad at your fingertips, and it takes up a fraction of the space!

Get Creative:

1. Gift Certificate for a house cleaner
We all know how messy the house can get in general, let alone when you're a couple of new parents trying to juggle life with a newborn AND keeping everything tidy. This Christmas, give the gift of a cleaning service! Something that all new parents wish for, but won't purchase for themselves, and chances are it'll be one of the gifts they appreciate the most!

2. At Home Date Night
Every new parent craves a night out with their partner, but with a newborn it can be overwhelming and a little daunting to try and make that happen. Instead, get creative this season and give your friends/loved ones the gift of a date night at home! A meal subscription kit or gift certificate for take-out at their favorite restaurant, plus popcorn and a movie is the perfect combo for a relaxing evening in!


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