Building Baby's Library

Building Baby's Library

Most parents know that reading to their young children helps with language development and reading skills prior to being officially enrolled in school, but did you know that reading to your newborn right from the get-go is also beneficial?! Whether it is a baby book, newspaper article, or a recipe out of your cookbook, reading helps stimulate brain activity in your little one! According to several articles, like this one and this one, reading to newborns during baby's first year can help to stimulate cognitive thinking skills and better memory, as well as helping bond parent and baby, not to mention building their vocabulary starting from the very beginning!

"Research shows that the average children's books contain 50 percent more unique words than a television show or a typical conversation between two educated adults," as quoted in the article on Obviously newborns aren't going to pick up on these words and meanings immediately, but in the long run they'll have a larger vocabulary at a younger age than those who are not read to on a regular basis. 

On that note, although the holiday season is over, and we've already given out our Gift Guide for the season, we wanted to put together a preliminary list of great baby books for your child's first library! Great for baby showers, birthdays, etc. this gift guide is all about baby's first year of books!


1. Where's Spot? By Eric Hill

This original 'lift the cover' flap book came out in 1980 and is still one of our favorites. This baby book is interactive, and perfect for teaching spacial concepts once your little one gets a bit older. 

2. Indestuctibles

These books are a series of chew proof, rip proof, and 100% washable books - perfect for baby's first year and beyond! 

3. Just like Mommy

Great for families with older siblings, this board book is part of littlebeam's mission to normalize breastfeeding. With colorful images, and a charming story of the daily routine of mom and baby, the message promotes bonding!

4. Goodnight Moon

Another time-honored favorite, this book is the perfect baby shower or birthday gift, and will remain on your child's bookshelf for years to come. 

5. Fox in Socks

Obviously our list would not be complete without a Dr. Seuss title involved. The rhymes and imagery make this another great gift, and perfect for baby's first year and beyond! Dr. Seuss never gets old - aah, nostalgia!

6. Baby Touch and Feel

Another group of books that is interactive and promotes cognitive development, these Baby Touch and Feel baby books come in a variety of subjects!

7. A to Z

While a newborn won't understand this right off the bat, introducing things like the alphabet during baby's first year will help develop language skills down the road. Author Sandra Boynton has a lot of other titles under her belt too - be sure to check out some of her others if you're looking for more baby books for your library!

8. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Last but not least, we can't leave out a legend in the world of baby books like Eric Carle. These were some of our favorite growing up, and the images alone are enough to make parents want to pick these up during baby's first year!


Do you have other favorite baby books that we should add to the list? Is there a book that should belong in our next gift guide? Comment below or let us know on our facebook page!


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