Better than Google!?

One of the best parts of being on the littlebeam team is the opportunity to work frequently with families in all stages - from pre-conception to birth and beyond.  Over time we've grown our list of great resources quite a bit, so today we are sharing our top 10 favorite family/parenting resources (in no particular order!)

1.  USLCAs "Find an IBCLC" directory.  Knowing where to find help is so important when you are overwhelmed by questions, and having a directory that can help identify who is in your area is a great first step!

2.  Kellymom.  For the 3am "I-need-an-answer-now" questions or to help ease your mind, Kellymom is a great website that is full of detailed information.  

3.  Amazon Prime.  Going out with a new baby can be stressful and sometimes you just want things to come to you.  We love 2-day shipping!

4.  Infant Risk Center.  Infant Risk has a free hotline that breastfeeding/chestfeeding families can call to check on medications and their safety during nursing.

5. HMBANA.  The Human Milk Banking Association of North America is a wealth of information for milk donors and those looking for milk donation.  As milk sharing becomes more popular it's important to be informed and have access to accurate information.

6. La Leche League.  Looking for peer support or a way to connect to local families?  La Leche League is a great way to get support in your community.

7.  Nancy Mohrbacher.  There are a ton of great resources here, but we especially love the articles addressing returning to work.  Also check out the great Breastfeeding Solutions app! 

8.  Mindful Return. This online course is a great way to expand your virtual community and explore ways to help plan your leave and return in a calm, informed, empowered way.

9.  Nice Breastfeeding.  Dr. Frank Nice is a pharmacist who spends lots of time looking at galactagogue use and medications.  Check out his Galactagogue Recipe Book!

10.  littlebeam.  Of course no list would be complete without our very own littlebeam nursing pillow!  We are happy to support our families and love hearing from you.

Tell us, what are some resources you'd add to this list?


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