Adventures in the Big Apple!

littlebeam recently participated in the NY Baby Show to share the love with a new geographic area. New York is wonderful! We met so many great people there and really enjoyed ourselves. The funniest moment came when a husband and wife picked out a pillow and the husband asked if he could borrow it to take out to the car and have a nap while his wife browsed the rest of the show! This got us thinking….what can you repurpose baby items for once the baby has outgrown them? Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Cloth diapers/burp clothes as dusters: These get the job done so well and are easily washed. When my youngest was born my mom asked me to pick up a fresh pack for her….not to keep for her newest grandchild though, but to use in her own cleaning!)
  • Baby jungle gyms: Who needs fancy toys for pets? Simply take off the various pieces of the baby jungle gym and use for your other babies! Or, sprinkle catnip on them and see how gymnastic your kitties really are.
  • Bottles: If you have the plain tops for them (no hole for the nipple), bottles can be used for anything! Fill them up with snacks for a road trip or water to refill sippy cups.
  • Glider: In our house, the glider has gone from being a nursing spot to being a reading spot. Just because you aren’t nursing anymore doesn’t mean you have to give up your oh-so-comfy chair.
  • Cribs: If your crib doesn’t turn into a toddler bed, check out some of the great tutorials on Pinterest for ways to upcycle your crib into a great piece of furniture – like a bench with storage!

What are some of YOUR favorite ways to reuse baby items?

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