Meet littlebeam!

Diaper bag overflowing? Overwhelmed by nursing on the go? Meet littlebeam, the portable nursing pillow. Full comfort for baby and support for mom that fits in your bag. Convenience found.

littlebeam is THE portable nursing pillow. Designed by a nurse practitioner, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), and most importantly, mother of two, littlebeam offers moms on the go a convenient way to nurse comfortably. Whether nursing at home or out and about, littlebeam fits postpartum bodies, supports numerous comfortable nursing positions, and helps position baby in the most optimal, relaxed way. The result? Reduced soreness and pain, and less likelihood of issues like reflux for baby.

Support for your favorite nursing position. littlebeam is designed to be used in any position – football, cradle, cross-cradle, or even to support in the laid-back position.

Babies spit up. Milk drips. Toss your littlebeam in the washing machine with your burp clothes and onesies and you’re back in business. littlebeam covers are removable and washable, so drips and spills aren’t a problem.

Bottlefeeding? You deserve just as much support. All the benefits of littlebeam for breastfeeding are just as valuable for supporting bottlefeeding babies.

Making breastfeeding easier – one body at a time. littlebeam is designed to fit any postpartum body – allowing you to rest the pillow and your arm at the right height for optimal nursing positioning. By keeping baby at nipple level, you can sit comfortably without hunching and keep an eye on little ones as they open wide and latch on.  

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